Call for Participation

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We would like to invite your institution to participate in the Emirates Technology & Innovation Competition (ETIC 2017) which will be held in collaboration with Emirates Skills (ES). The competition will take place at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi (UAE), from April 11th to 13th 2017.

Khalifa University is organizing jointly with ES the following 6 categories:



Computer Programming A great opportunity for students that would like to major in or currently majoring in computer science, computer engineering, management information systems, information technology, or any IT related subjects to demonstrate and sharpen their problem solving and computing skills in addition to a chance to meet fellow students from other universities. Moreover, such a contest will allow students to participate in regional and world programming contest. In this contest, problems must be solved using C, C++, or JAVA.
Cyber Security A multilevel contest that will put teams from different institutions, around the UAE and the region, against each other.  The main objective of the competition is for students to detect security flaws in different problems and to exploit them. Also, to propose security solutions that must be added to the code to harden the sites against detected attacks.
Mobile Application Programming This competition is developed to test the participants’ capabilities and innovation in designing and implementing state-of-the-art ideas on mobile applications. The main objective is to develop on latest and widely used smartphone platforms (iPhone & Android). This will enhance their current skills and give them opportunity to participate in other future Mobile Application Competitions.
Game Development During this contest, group of students from different institutions will try to design a game. Teams participating in the competition must deliver a playable game prototype based on the theme announced.
Drones: Build And Fly During this contest, group of students from different institutions will try to build a Multi-rotor to specs. Teams participating in the competition must deliver functioning prototypes. These prototypes will be competing based on the missions announced.
Electronics: Design and Build This competition aims at attracting teams of enthusiasts to discover first-hand how practical electronics systems are built, and to test how the teams can use their newly-gained electronics knowledge to finish a competitive challenge.

The contest will run for two days. Teams should consist of a maximum of two competitors. Each team must have a coach. Participants must register for the training before the deadline Feb 28th, 2017 using the contest’s website:

Contestant must be a UAE national and registered either as a high school student (G12) or undergraduate student. School students who participated before in emirates skills can participate in ETIC only if they are registered as university students.