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Computer Programming

A great opportunity for students that would like to major in or currently majoring in computer science, computer engineering, management information systems, information technology, or any IT related subjects to demonstrate and sharpen their problem solving and computing skills in addition to a chance to meet fellow students from other universities. Moreover, such a contest will allow students to participate in regional and world programming contest. In this contest, problems must be solved using C, C++, or JAVA.
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Cyber Security

A multilevel contest that will put teams from different institutions, around the UAE and the region, against each other.  The main objective of the competition is for students to detect security flaws in different problems and to exploit them. Also, to propose security solutions that must be added to the code to harden the sites against detected attacks.
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Mobile Application Programming

This competition is developed to test the participants’ capabilities and innovation in designing and implementing state-of-the-art ideas on mobile applications. The main objective is to develop on latest and widely used smartphone platforms (iPhone & Android). This will enhance their current skills and give them opportunity to participate in other future Mobile Application Competitions.
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Game Development

During this contest, group of students from different institutions will try to design a game. Teams participating in the competition must deliver a playable game prototype based on the theme announced.
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Drones: Build and Fly

During this contest, group of students from different institutions will try to build a Multi-rotor to specs. Teams participating in the competition must deliver functioning prototypes. These prototypes will be competing based on the missions announced.
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Electronics: Design and Build

This competition aims at attracting teams of enthusiasts to discover first-hand how practical electronics systems are built, and to test how the teams can use their newly-gained electronics knowledge to finish a competitive challenge. The competition presents an opportunity for the participants to learn to work with modern electronic components and the role they play in our daily lives, and develop their innovation and problem-solving skills to build systems that work in a real challenge scenario.
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Renewable Energy

There is an ever increasing global interest in integrating renewable generation (especially wind and Photovoltaic (PV)) into power systems to meet the continuously increasing demand for electrical energy, at a time of diminishing fossil fuel reserves, and a rising awareness of their environmental hazards. In addition, developments in the electric vehicle market have created a ready application for hydrogen-based fuel cells and these are expected to play an important role in powering the car of the future. In this competition, students will gain knowledge of how electrical energy can be generated from different types of renewable energy resources, namely wind, solar, and fuel cells. Participants will compete to use their gained knowledge and problem solving skills in building a renewable based microgrid system (a small electrical network with renewable sources and electric loads) in a number of challenging scenarios.
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Artificial Intelligence

A chatbot is a computer program that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. During this contest, you are required to design a chatbot around the given theme below. The chatbot will be required to hold a conversation with the target audience and will be judged on its ability to complete a conversation correctly with the judges. Download PDF