Proposal Submission

The MWSCAS2016 paper submission and review processes will be entirely electronic and will be conducted on-line using the EDAS system. No email (or other forms of submission) will be accepted.

Authors who wish to participate in the conference need to register with the on-line submission system and then use it to submit their paper proposals. This submission must be completed on or before the “submission of regular and student papers” deadline shown under “Important Dates” on this web site. To submit your paper proposal follow the steps below:

Step 1: Complete a properly formatted paper proposal

Follow the instructions in the “Authors Kit” to prepare a properly formatted paper proposal in PDF format.

Step 2: Submit the paper proposal electronically

Obtaining an EDAS account: All authors of the paper need to obtain a username and password from the on-line EDAS submission system. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • If an author have used the EDAS system previously, for this or any other conference, then they already have an account on the system. Thus, there is no need to create a new account. They simply need to use their existing account. The username will be the author’s email. If they cannot remember their password then they can ask EDAS to reset it for them by following the link EDAS PASSWORD RESET.
  • If an author is a new user of the EDAS system then they can create an new account by following the link NEW EDAS ACCOUNT.

Each author need to make a note of their username and password as they will need them to make more submissions, edit existing submissions, update personal information, and submit camera-ready version of papers.

Preparing the required items and information: As the submitting author you need to prepare the following items and information before entering the submission system: PDF document file, EDAS user name of each author, Paper title, Text file containing paper abstract in ASCII text format (for copying and pasting into webpage form).

Submitting the proposal: Go to the paper submission page

MWSCAS2016 Paper Submission Page

The first thing, you will be asked to choose the track that you want to submit your paper proposal to.

Then the paper submission to your chosen track will be in three steps:

Step (i). You will be asked to enter the paper title, indicate whether or not this is a student paper, enter the abstract text, and choose one (only) of the sup-topics under your chosen track. Please make sure that the title and abstract MATCHES EXACTLY those in the PDF file.

Step (ii). You will be asked to add authors of your paper. This can be done by clicking on the (+) icon next to the “Authors” entry. You can also use the up (^) and down (v) icons next to each author (after adding them) to order the authors. Please make sure that the authors MATCHES EXACTLY in number and order with those in the PDF file.

Step (iii). You will be asked to upload the PDF file containing your proposal. Depending on the size of your file (max 2MB) and your internet connection speed, the file upload may take a few minutes. If all necessary information has been entered, the system will display a short message giving you the ID number of your paper. You will also receive an e-mail notification with the details of your submission. If you do not see the confirmation page after uploading your file, you may not have successfully completed your file upload. If you encounter trouble, please contact the Conference General Chair.